Tech Buzz: Mobile Tools Built for Today’s Retail Reality

by | Apr 29, 2020

As we all deal with the societal changes foisted on us by the current health and economic crisis, we want you to know that retail technology offers many tools to help businesses thrive. Social distancing has become the norm and consumers are constantly looking for low-contact or no-contact ways to shop. We have been developing mobile applications for years that reduce the need for direct customer contact and allow stores to do business from just about anywhere.

Our Mobile2 and Paladin Pilot suite of applications can be accessed from any enabled Android device – smartphone and tablet.  Mobile2Checkout allows stores to complete sales transactions from the sales floor aisles or outside locations.

We recently added a new piece of hardware to our mobile offerings – the Touch Dynamic Quest III tablet.  This sturdy device comes preloaded with Paladin, giving you access to Paladin anywhere its WiFi goes.

Our store also offers the Samsung Galaxy Active2 tablet. This military-spec unit is water-resistant, features a S Pen and screen for notetaking in inclement weather, and feature Glove mode and facial recognition which is great for working with protected hands and lowering customer contact. They also have defense-grade security plus a fingerprint scanner for biometric authentication and services that make IT management easy.

We are currently developing an integration with the all-in-one Innowi ChecOut tablet, one of the most comprehensive mobile checkout solutions available.

We are constantly working to enhance our powerful retail platform. Optimizing its performance will help you streamline your operations and give you new ways to serve your customers during the current crisis.

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