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Tech Buzz: Summer 2020 Release

by | Jun 25, 2020

Expand your product offerings to firearms, ammunition

It’s not often you hear about making the sale of firearms and ammunition easier, but our newest integration will do just that. We’ve received numerous requests from you (our clients) asking if we could incorporate firearms sales recording, reporting, inventory control, and compliance into our retail platform. Our new integration with FastBound, a leader in Federal Firearms License (FFL) software, makes it possible for you (our clients) to expand your (their) product offerings to firearms and ammunition. 

 Our newest integration makes it easy for you (stores) to add another high-margin product line, and for stores already in the market, it will simplify Acquisitions and Depositions (A&D) and Form 4473 recordation which are ATF compliance requirements. Without point of sale integrations businesses have to manually record these forms.  

Our integration with FastBound is the latest example of how we’re making Paladin the central control panel for your (their) entire business. 

New features in our Summer Release

Our Summer 2020 General Release is another example of our effort to enhance and streamline retail processes. Here are some of the features in our latest build. 

Customized email messages – Thank a customer for their business, alert them of upcoming promotions, and more with our new customized messages on emailed invoices. This new feature is a cost-free way to build strong relationships with shoppers every time they’re emailed an invoice. 

Numbered quotes – Provide added service to contractors, businesses, or customers who do a lot of projects by numbering their quotes. This feature automatically adds a reference number to the quote, so you can find it again quickly.  

Enhanced Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (ePDMP) – This new feature, available for Speed Script users, lets stores record who picks up a prescription further protecting them and customers from liability and compliance issues. 

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