What’s New in Paladin – The 2021-A Release

by | Apr 27, 2021

We’re constantly working to enhance Paladin and we’re excited to introduce our first release of 2021 — Release 2021-A — with features and enhancements to help your business prosper. In this release — Paladin build 4247.9 — we make it easier to fulfill orders, manage your quotes, and take payment via mobile devices.

Paladin Release 2021-A build: 4247.9

Here are some of the new features:

  • Our new Pick List feature makes it easy for fulfillment staff to complete orders by providing a list of outstanding order items and quantities.
  • Automatically remove older quotes – Declutter your quotes by automatically deleting older quotes after a time period you chose.
  • Skip signatures on Mobile2Checkout – It’s now possible to process a transaction on Mobile2Checkout without a signature. This popular feature is being used extensively at checkout counters in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Now, it’s available on our mobile app.
  • Transaction Report includes Rewards IDs – The Excel version of the Transaction Report has added columns for customer alternate IDs, such as rewards numbers. This report includes up to three alternate IDs and provides the alternate ID value and type.
  • Do It Best and Orgill supplier stock on hand is now available in Paladin. Quantities are updated hourly.
  • True Value RSC stock on hand is now updated automatically overnight. This eliminates the need to manually process the True Value RDC Balances EDI file.

Learn more about all these new features in the Paladin 2021-A Release Guide

On the Horizon

Coming in future releases:

  • We are working to further enhance our bookkeeping processes with a more seamless integration with QuickBooks desktop version. Paladin currently offers integrations to both online and desktop versions.
  • Another new feature is coming that will help prevent sales of items not in stock. This is especially useful in lumber sales when stock might not meet amounts ordered.

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