Tom and Crystal at the Oregon Coast.

Helping Paladin Clients Soar 

Ever since he joined the Air Force, Tom Normandy has been charting his own flight plans. And since joining Paladin in March, those plans have included a higher trajectory. Tom is one of our most active and efficient technical service representatives, helping Paladin clients with their operational challenges. It’s a position he enjoys.  

“I like Paladin,” he explains. “I enjoy my co-workers. We work hard to help people out.”  

Paladin Data Corporation has almost always had a connection with aviation. Just look at our logo. So, when Tom sought a job with the company, he pretty much fit right in. He has over 15 years of aviation experience and holds certifications in air traffic control and airfield management. He has multiple helicopter pilot’s licenses and is a drone pilot and certified flight instructor.  

Tom served six years in the Air Force as a Special Tactics combat controller and air traffic controller. That’s where he developed an interest in helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). After his discharge, he went to work to earn pilot’s licenses in both helicopters and UAVs. In fact, the helicopter training at Leading Edge Flight Academy at Bend Municipal Airport is what drew him to Central Oregon.  

Tom working with drones for the Walmart holiday light show.

He studied in the Unmanned Aerial Systems program at Central Oregon Community College and earned his FAA certification. Since then, Tom has put that experience to work. He creates flight plans and coordinates drone light shows as a contractor for Intel and teaches in COCC’s UAS degree program.   

That kind of technical aptitude and problem-solving ability makes him an incredibly effective advisor to help Paladin clients.  

“Working with drones – no pun intended – has its ups and downs. I wanted something more stable and something that would allow me to stay closer to home,” he said about choosing to work at Paladin. “My work at Paladin provides me a daily challenge and we get to help people out.” 

When he’s not working, he, wife and high school sweetheart, Crystal, and their pooches, Havok and Blanche, enjoy their time outdoors camping, hiking and floating the rivers.