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Andrew and Maddy on Hawaii’s Big Island.

Paladin People: Andrew Martinelli

Making Sure Clients Have a Good Experience

Andrew Martinelli has come a long way in a short time since joining Paladin Data Corporation a little over a year ago. He started as a technical service representative, but his quick study and problem-solving ability rapidly earned him a place on Paladin’s customer experience (CX) team. So, any Paladin clients lucky enough to work with Andrew are in good hands. 

Kind of like Paladin, Andrew was born and raised in Bend. He attended Bend High School and since graduating he’s been working to further his career in technical services. He was an advanced repair agent for Best Buy’s Geek Squad before joining Paladin. 

“It was an opportunity to learn more about the system and the people who use it,” he explains. “I’m really happy with it.”  

As a customer experience specialist, Andrew works with a select group of clients. The Paladin CX group is led by Chief Experience Officer Charles Owen. 

“Andrew has an incredible sense of humor. He’s so positive all the time. He steps up to the plate to do whatever is required of him,” Charles says. “He’s incredibly motivated and wants nothing but success for himself, his clients and our company.” 

In addition to helping his clients with their store’s needs, Andrew has become one of Paladin University’s webinar presenters. The regular webinars educate Paladin clients on the finer points of our operating system. 

“It’s fun. It adds to my knowledge of our system and its features,” he says. 

In his spare time, Andrew is an avid gamer and, just like at work, he’s always looking to hone his skills. He plays regularly with friends and high school sweetheart and fiancée Maddy Merwin, who works in the Paladin marketing department. 

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