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Tech Buzz – November 2021

by | Oct 26, 2021

Latest Release has new PO, API Features

At Paladin, we’re always working to simplify retail tasks and increase accuracy. Our latest release – 2021-E – contains features that help stores enhance the ordering experience, support online sales, and provide enhanced customer service. 

The newest enhancement to Paladin order management features helps clients manage their inventory across multiple suppliers. It allows stores to: 

  • Add supplier instructions to purchase orders (POs)
  • Add reminder notes that appear in the PO module on the Confirm PO tab under the heading Supplier Messages.  
  • Add a PO email record  
  • Set supplier-specific costs for POs  

Online sales 

Another new feature – Paladin e-commerce API – allows stores to integrate online sales more easily with their in-store point of sale by tapping into Paladin data for use on their websites. This API allows partners to build their own web integrations to Paladin using our own API, and to initiate calls to Paladin to get inventory data and send Point of Sale order data. 

Website builders can retrieve part numbers, update quantity of stock on hand, along with item descriptions and prices. The API also allows the creation of invoices in the point-of-sale system that will update inventory stock on hand. 

Price check! 

Some states require stores to have price-checking kiosks available to customers. Paladin has integrated with AML’s Monarch Enterprise Self-Service kiosks to meet these requirements.  

 These stations feature powerful 64-bit processors that run Windows. They feature a 10-inch touchscreen display that allows customers to check prices without taking products to the checkout counter. 

QuickBooks Desktop integration 

Paladin now has a feature for multiple stores to use a single QuickBooks Desktop application. This integration enhancement allows Paladin to automatically transfer general ledger data from multiple stores into a single QuickBooks Desktop application. 

OLCC reports 

Stores that sell alcohol in Oregon must send the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) specific reports. Paladin now has an automated feature that creates these reports and uploads them to OLCC’s file transfer protocol (FTP) site. A copy of the report is also saved to the store’s computer. 

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