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Enhanced Management for POs, Quotes, Invoices, and Payments

by | Sep 7, 2022

Independent stores often create several separate purchase orders when ordering products from their suppliers. Our latest release allows stores to merge those separate POs for the same supplier into one, which allows them to get those important price breaks. Learn more

Other new features

  • Buy Down Quote Pick List – Manage in real-time which customer quoted invoice items have been picked up and purchased and which remain. View stock on hand, quantity on order, and location identification.
  • Multiselect Sales Grid – Manage, archive, or delete your sales quickly and easily by grouping them with the click of a mouse.
  • Create a PO from an invoice or quote – Easily create a stored purchase order for items on an invoice or quote.
  • Additional notes in Paladin e-commerce API – Gives e-commerce sites additional space for more thorough descriptions of products and notes.

Accounting enhancements: More precisely track projects and calculate profits 

The release also contains feature enhancements that help you more precisely track payments and charges.

  • Project Payment Management – Charge invoices can be selected and sorted by project which allows you to easily apply payments and credits to specific projects. It also shows you the credit history of each project and the charges and credits applied to them. Learn more
  • Comparative Revenue Report – Our latest enhancement allows you to exclude taxes from gross profit calculations. Learn more

Micro Merchant barcode integration now available

Paladin has also added Micro Merchant Systems to its extensive portfolio of pharmacy system integrations. The integration allows Paladin Point of Sale to add prescriptions to an invoice by simply scanning a barcode.

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