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Tech Buzz – November 2022

by | Oct 28, 2022

New Features Make Creating, Merging POs Fast and Easy

Independent retail stores are often challenged to meet supplier minimum order amounts.

Paladin can now merge all of a store’s POs to a supplier into one. This makes it easier for stores to reach the minimum ordering levels and get those important price breaks. It also provides greater accuracy by making it easier to review before placing orders.

Another new feature allows stores to create a purchase order from items selected from an invoice or quote. This speeds the process of creating POs and provides greater accuracy because the items are selected from existing sales or quote information.

Other new features

Margin Correction Utility

With the new Margin Correction Utility, users can now correct margins based on part numbers or invoice numbers. The Margin Correction utility works by taking the current margin and applying it to historical sales. It is set up to fix problematic margins on part number(s) and invoice numbers.

Safeguard Manager Override when the Tax Flag is Disabled in an Invoice/Quote

This new feature ensures that the tax flag cannot be unchecked either by accident or intentionally. To avoid the tax flag from being disabled when processing a transaction in Invoice/Quote, manager approval is now required to uncheck the Tax box. When unchecked, the manager’s ID is displayed in the Notes field, which provides for accountability.

Pricing Plan Navigation Go to Sale Button

For ease of navigating between the Pricing Plan and Sale list tabs, there is now a Go to Sale button in the Paladin Configuration Pricing Plan tab, that when pressed, opens the Sale List tab. In the Pricing Plans pane of the Sale List tab, pressing the Edit button takes users back to the Pricing Plan tab.

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