Image of Paladin Business Development Representative Wesley Hall.

Paladin People – Wesley Hall

by | Aug 3, 2023

Wesley Helps Set Stores Up for Success with Paladin​

For stores that have joined the Paladin family over the past year, chances are pretty good Wesley Hall had something to do with it. Wesley is a member of Paladin’s talented sales force that helps stores determine if Paladin software is a good fit for their needs.

“A lot of stores are finding out what we can do for them and they’re liking it. Our automation makes life so much easier for them. Instead of doing things one-by-one, Paladin does them automatically which saves them a lot of time,” he says. “Inventory management seems to be a big thing for a lot of the stores we’re talking to right now. Some of them are coming from point-of-sale systems that didn’t have that function, so Paladin helps them out in ways they never knew about.”

Wesley is still in his early 20s, but his easy-going, soft-spoken nature resonates with business owners who probably are more familiar with callers looking to sell them products. With Paladin, Wesley can help people find a digital solution that makes their lives easier and their businesses more efficient and profitable.

Image of Wesley Hall and his dog, Cinco.

Image of Wesley Hall and his pooch, Cinco, on one of their journeys.

Wesley’s character probably comes from his vast background. He’s done a lot in his 23 years. He was born in Arizona – he works out of Paladin’s Mesa office – but was raised in Castle Rock, Washington not far from Mount St. Helens. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business and public administration from Eastern Washington University. Since then, he’s worked as a commercial fisherman in Alaska, sold power sports equipment in Idaho, and worked in telecommunications in both Washington and Arizona.

He found Paladin a little over a year ago not far from Glendale, where much of his family lives. When he’s not working, Wesley and his faithful pooch Cinco enjoy traveling and music. His musical tastes range from the metal of Sabotage and Theory of a Deadman to the rap of Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar and Hollywood Undead to iconic guitarists like Slash, Jimmy Hendrix and Wes Montgomery.

Paladin has been a good fit for Wesley and vice versa.

“I love the company more now than when I started. It seems to get better and better. I like helping people out and that’s what we’re doing,” he says.

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