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Paladin People – Stan Parrish

by | Jan 25, 2024

Stan Makes Sure Stores get off to a Great Start with Paladin

One of the first things Paladin store owners or managers will notice when working with Stan Parrish is his soft, reassuring voice and his thorough knowledge of Paladin. He is one of Paladin’s talented project managers, making him responsible for getting new clients set up and going with Paladin Point of Sale. It’s a very detailed process which is made easier by Stan’s calm, easy-going nature.

“We build new stores from scratch. We find out what they need, get their hardware, work with their data, and find out about all their quirks,” Stan explains. “We ask them what their goals are, what they’re hoping to get from Paladin. Most are pretty happy because they’re starting something brand new.”

Paladin Project Manager Stan ParrishStan knows a little bit about starting something new. A native of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, Stan moved to Bend, where Paladin’s development and support center is located, in 1998. For six years, he worked for the U.S. Forest Service mostly on forest thinning projects. He loved working outdoors, but a horrific accident in which he was hit by a large truck forced him to change professions.

“Died twice,” Stan says matter-of-factly with a slightly painful grin as only he could do. “After that, I had to get a desk job. Too many broken bones and injuries.”

He’s worked in customer tech support ever since. He found Paladin three years ago when a friend and former Paladin employee recommended him for a job. He started with Paladin in Squad 1 (hardware support), moved to CX (customer experience), and settled in project management where he helps onboard new stores.

Working with stores new to Paladin, Stan discovers how they operate prior to choosing Paladin and he serves as their point-man during their startup. Once a store’s hardware is configured and set up, and employees are trained in the Paladin software, Stan helps them get going and remains their go-to guy for additional support.

“They’re excited to improve and upgrade their stores,” he says, adding that the job fits his personality and nature. “This is probably my favorite job ever. At first, I thought this position would be kind of scary, but it’s really fun. I like helping people start something new.”

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