Paladin Technical Services Representative Garrett Hodgson and his wife Cassie at Glacier National Park

Paladin People – Garrett Hodgson

by | Mar 27, 2024

Garrett Learns Fast, Teaches Patiently

For somebody who hasn’t been with Paladin for very long, Garrett Hodgson learned quickly and has made a big impact on the company and the clients he works with.

Garrett joined Paladin in September 2023 as a technical services representative helping stores with their software challenges. He acclimated so quickly with both his knowledge of Paladin’s functionality and of the company’s clientele, that he was approached to join the training department known as Squad 3 at Paladin Data Corp.

“When I started, I really enjoyed learning the software and was really hungry for more knowledge. The training team lead reached out to me about throwing my hat in the ring for a training position,” Garrett explains. “It has been good for me. It has been a good chance for me to grow personally. Being a teacher is something I struggled with, so this has forced me to step up.”

Garrett works closely with team lead Devon Cram and teammates Marty Hazeltine and Eric Byrne to train stores new to Paladin the basics of using the software, its capabilities, and Paladin’s best practices. Devon is a five-year veteran with the company and Marty has seven years of experience.

“Garrett is a fast learner, is determined to succeed, and always willing to help out the Training Department in any way possible but most importantly he always has a positive attitude,” Devon says. “
What I really value about Garrett is his ability to live the core values here at Paladin and outside of the office. He is someone that you can always depend on, talk to, or get advice from.”

Garrett has quickly become adept at providing learned advice to stores that aren’t just new to Paladin. Some are adopting retail technology for the first time.

“A few stores are coming from using pens and paper, so some of them you need to teach basic computer knowledge. We take more time with them. We want to make sure they have a thorough understanding of Paladin before they go live. I really enjoy helping them,” he says.

Garrett’s growth outside of work mirrors his fast rise in the company. Garrett met his wife Cassie at his 18th birthday party. They married in 2021 and are soon expecting their first child.

When he isn’t working, Garrett is into Ultimate Frisbee and enjoys writing and performing his own music.

He says Paladin has given him a place for his professional life to grow.

“I really enjoy the company. From upper management to new employees, you can tell people care about each other,” he says.

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