Miller's Pharmacy

Success Story

The Challenge 

Before Miller’s Pharmacy in West Henrietta, New York chose Paladin Data Corporation to provide its retail technology, it was doing business in much the same way it did when its doors opened in 1995. Staff used a simple cash register and a separate credit card terminal that produced a receipt that would be stapled to the register receipt. They could only collect money for prescriptions (RX) and over-the-counter (OTC) items and process credit cards.

Signatures were collected and documented in a pharmacy software system for things like HIPAA compliance and insurance proof-of-pickup. The software could log signatures and dates but wasn’t able to process payments. Since payment and signatures were separate, this called for extra work instead of a one-step process.

“With so many regulations and requirements involved, Paladin made everything simple and effortless.”

Michael Welsch

Owner, Miller's Pharmacy

The Solution

When owner Michael Welsch chose Paladin to supply his
point of sale system and pharmacy integrations, all that changed. Paladin’s cutting-edge technology allows Miller’s Pharmacy to:

  • Acquire automated price updates through a link with wholesaler RDC (Rochester Drug Co-op.)
  • Recognize all OTC and Rx products through scanning at point of sale
  • Integrate its IPS Pharmacy System and its wholesaler
  • Require manager approval for check-out discounts
  • Generate proof of pickup and filled versus pickup reports
  • Collect and store electronic signatures for audit purposes
  • Generate suggested order reports to simplify the ordering process
  • Provide integrated payment processing which nearly eliminates human error
  • Decrease wait times at checkout by streamlining operations

In short, Miller’s Pharmacy updated the store and streamlined its time-consuming regulatory and compliance processes. What once was challenging became automatic. It improved its inventory and pricing control process and streamlined the signature capture method into their POS system. The store achieved PCI compliance with credit card processing and other regulatory compliance with HIPAA, pharmacy consultation and proof-of-pickup requirements.

“Miller’s Pharmacy is now equipped to automate the ordering process and keep better tabs on pricing and margin control,” Michael says. “With so many regulations and requirements involved, Paladin made everything simple and effortless.”

Paladin’s integration with the SuiteRX IPS Pharmacy System allows for rapid prescription checkout and patient data transfers. It’s one of the many features that Miller’s uses to help its customers.

Paladin’s integration with Rochester Drug Cooperative (RDC) simplifies ordering, receiving and price updates, as well. By integrating with RDC, Miller’s Pharmacy is now equipped to automate the ordering process and keep better tabs on pricing and margin control.