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Automatic Statements Simplifies Processing

by | May 26, 2022

Running monthly statements is about to get a whole lot easier thanks to a new Paladin feature. 

The new statements feature, coming in our next release, enables you to schedule a time for the statements to process overnight so they are ready to be printed or emailed the following day.  

One of the neat aspects of this new feature is that is completely separated from the printing process, which can often interrupt or even stop the process. 

What are the benefits?  

  • Speed – The printing and emailing of statements will be faster since the statement processing occurs automatically overnight.​ 
  • Reliability – The statement run is more reliable and stable by removing the printing function from the process.​ No more potential printer problems that can compromise the statement run.​ 
  • Flexibility – The ability to print either in alphabetical order or by account number order. 

Another highlight of this feature is that it is absolutely free and will be automatically activated in your Paladin software when the new build is released in your region. 

Running statements can’t get any easier. Learn more on the help portal

Oregon stores have new reporting feature 

Paladin clients that sell liquor have a quick, new way to send daily and monthly reports to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. 

Prior to this Paladin integration, stores had to manually format a spreadsheet, add the pertinent information and upload it to the OLCC website or send it via email. Now, the process can be done completely in Paladin. Learn more on the help portal 

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