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Paladin People – Carrie Carson

by | May 26, 2022

Helping Make Paladin Work and Feel Better

In her first year with Paladin Data Corporation, Carrie Carson quickly carved out her position as the company’s first training coordinator and, unofficially, as chief morale officer. 

Hopelessly bubbly and upbeat, Carrie came to Paladin from a career in education which fits in well to her new job. After being raised on a commercial cattle ranch outside Corvallis, Carrie earned a bachelor’s degree in animal science from Oregon State University – “I majored in cows and chickens.” She then pursued a master’s degree and moved into teaching agriculture and woodshop at Santiam Christian Schools in Adair Village, Oregon. 

After her husband Josh joined the U.S. Army, the Carsons spent several years at Fort Bragg, near Fayetteville, North Carolina. Once they were able, thanks to an assist from the COVID-19 pandemic, Carrie and Josh got to move back closer to home. They chose Bend for its outdoor lifestyle. 

“We love it here. Family and friends want to come here and visit. Nobody wanted to come visit when we lived in Albany,” she says with a smile. “We’re very grateful to be in Central Oregon. It’s a place we’ve enjoyed coming to for many years and a place we dreamed about living in.” 

As Paladin’s training coordinator, Carrie wasted no time in injecting an added dose of enthusiasm and vigor into the company’s culture. She took charge of Paladin’s internal training, supplementing the technical training typical of software companies with more thorough new-hire, corporate workplace, and safety training. She has also coordinated an effort to send Paladin employees out to stores that run the company’s software so they can see how it works. For many, it has been an eye-opening experience. 

She has also injected an added dose of enthusiasm to not just the training program, but to the entire company. Anyone who passes her desk is always cheerfully acknowledged and greeted. It may seem like a little thing, but it is her genuine caring that brightens the day for her coworkers. Her snickerdoodle cookies help as well. 

Christine Welsh, Paladin’s HR Generalist to whom Carrie reports, knew she had a gem in Carrie before she was even hired. 

“Before I even got hired here, when I came in for my interview, Carrie is the one who let me in the door and greeted me. She just made me want to work for Paladin more,” Christine says. “She has a personality that just shines. She’s always willing to help me and offer me suggestions and she’s like that with everybody. She’s just gold.” 

Carrie says her work at Paladin has been both challenging and fulfilling. 

“The job is good. It’s really been a shift from teaching. I think we’re in a good spot with training. We’ve added safety training, additional new-hiring training, and in-the-field training,” she explains. “It’s growing. It’s good.” 

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