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Tech Buzz – December 2023

Dec 14, 2023

This month, there are a bunch of new enhancements to Paladin Point of Sale that make pricing and analyzing profits and margins easier than ever. We’ve added an integration with electronic shelf label provider SES-imagotag. We’ve also enhanced the functionality of our Profit Analyst feature and added a Missing Serial Numbers report.

Electronic shelf labels

SES-imagotag is a specialist in electronic shelf labeling (ESL) systems, and Paladin has integrated with the company to make pricing and price changing as simple as sitting at a computer terminal and making a few entries. SES-imagotag designs and markets all its system components (software, radio-frequency infrastructure, labels, and mountings).

By integrating Paladin with SES-imagotag’s ESL system, product pricing is automatically updated whenever a price is changed in Paladin. This completely removes the need for printing and placing bin or shelf tags.

Profit Analyst enhancement

Paladin’s Profit Analyst lets stores view profits and margins for any line item in an invoice or quote along with the invoice or quote total. As invoice changes are made, Profit Analyst displays the resulting margin and profit values. All values are pre-tax (subtotal) values.

With the enhancement, Profit Analyst now displays Average Cost and Market cost.

Missing Serial Numbers report

The Missing Serial Numbers report shows the number of stock-on-hand (SOH) items that are marked as serializable but do not have serial numbers added. The report displays the part number, alt part number, description, and amount of SOH that is, and is not, serialized.

This feature flags all inventory items that require a serial number but do not currently have one added to inventory. This information is highlighted in Paladin’s Inventory module by a yellow caution sign next to the Stock on Hand number.

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